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We offer GWO Basic Safety Training (BST-) Courses Egersund Energy Hub in Egersund, South-West Norway, situated 75 km south of Stavanger Airport.

GWO Basic Safety Training (see menu left for details):
1) GWO First Aid 
2) GWO Working at Heights
3) GWO Manual handling
4) GWO Fire Awareness 
5) GWO Sea Survival (in planning)

6) GWO Advanced Rescue
7) GWO Enhanced First Aid (planned together with SAFER - TBA)

We also provide Boat Transfer Training according to GWO - 4 hours training!
And we provide other trainings - as Fall protection, Fall rescue, Hot Works and others! Just ask us what we can provide!
GWO Basic Safety Training NOK EURO*
Full basic onshore - 4 modules 16.090,- 1.553,-
Working at Heights basic 2 days 7.720,- 677,-
Working at Heights refresh 1 day 5.490,- 486,-
First Aid basic 2 days 4.570,- 405,-
First Aid refresh 1 day 3.290,- 291,-
Manual Handling (basic/refresh) 1/2 day 2.195,- 194,-
Fire awareness (basic/refresh) 1/2 day 2.600,- 230,-
Advanced Rescue**  3 days 12.990,- 1.151,-
Boat Transfer Training 1/2 day 1.700,- 150,-
Fall protection course 1.700,- 150,-
FSE First Aid 990,- 80,-


*Courses are invoiced in NOK. Cost in EURO is stipulated based on currency 
NB! There is not tax on cources in Norway as it is in Denmark
**Advanced Rescue module including module 1 - 4: Hub-Rescue, Nacelle Tower basement Rescue and Single rescue of these. Modules 1 - 4 can be taken individually. Just make contact for more information!

From autumn 2020 we plan for providing GWO Basic Technical Training and GWO Blade Repair, and we plan for long term courses for Wind Technicians as well, when the new facility with workshops are ready at Egersund Energy Hub.

About GWO: Safety is the number one priority for the companies in the global wind industry. To contribute to a better and safer work environment, Global Wind Organisation, founded by leading wind power companies in 2009. 

GWO is a non-profit organisation of wind turbine owners and wind turbine manufacturers. The Secretariat opened in 2014 and hosted by the Danish Wind Industry Association.
GWO aims to strive for an injury-free work environment in the wind turbine industry, through cooperation among the members, in setting common standards in safety training and emergency procedures.

In addition, we provide many courses for industry, building and construction, to name a few.  The first programs began late 2018, after the 30 m high training tower was installed at Egersund Energy Hub in Langholmen. 

Use the menu on the left to navigate, and read about our course content. 

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