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Energy Innovation takes HSE training seriously. We have a very well equipped training center with a tailor-made 30 meter high training tower which is a realistic copy of a wind turbine. Before training in the tower, the course participants receive a thorough introduction and training in an indoor training rig with at lower heights.

In Q2, we will implement online packages, which reduce duration on site.
GWO Basic Onshore full package** 4,5 days 16.890,-  1.553,-
GWO Refresh Onshore full package** 3 days 13.575,- 1.249,-
GWO Basic Offshore full package** 5 days 24.190,- 1.949,-
GWO Refresh Offshore full package** 4 days 19.000,- 1.748,-
GWO Working at Heights basic 2 days 7.720,-  667,-
GWO Working at Heights refresh 1 day 5.490,- 506,-
GWO First Aid basic 2 days 4.375,- 421,-
GWO First Aid refresh 1 day 3.290,- 303,-
GWO Manual Handling (basic/refresh) 1/2 day 2.195,- 202,-
GWO Fire Awareness (basic/refresh) 1/2 day 2.600,- 239,-
GWO Advanced Rescue*** 3 days  12.990,- 1.198,-
GWO Sea Survival (basic/refresh) 1 day 7.300,- 672,-
GWO Blade Repair**** 9 days 43.500,- 4.005,-
GWO Enhanced First Aid 3 days TBD  
Boat Transfer Rescue 1/2 day 1.700,- 156,- 
Fall safety w/abseiling 1/2 day 1.700,- 156,- 
FSE First Aid 1/2 day 990,- 80,- 
Pole climbing   TBD  
Pole rescue   TBD  
*The prices are invoiced in NOK. EURO will fluctuate with exchange rates
NB! In Denmark, there is a VAT surcharge of 25% on the price that the course centers normally state. Courses in Norway are VAT-free.
** When registering more than 2 participants, contact us for a discount.
*** Advanced Rescue module 5 which contains Hub-Rescue, Nacelle Tower basement Rescue and Single rescue versions of these. Can also be taken individually. Get in touch and ask for a price.
**** For Blade repair: Bring PPE (protective equipment). Can possibly buy from us. NOK 1500, -
Parts of the courses will be offered online during 2021, so the duration will then be less.
Energy Innovation offers GWO courses at Egersund Energy Hub for everyone who will perform jobs in wind farms, whether it is on- or offshore.
Everyone who will work in wind farms will usually be required to have a GWO certificate from those responsible for safety. For onshore wind, one must have the "Basic Onshore full package" which consists of Working at heights, First Aid, Fire Awareness and Manual Handling. These courses are taken over a week (4.5 days). If you want to operate Offshore, you must also have GWO Sea Survival. All GWO courses require recertification every second year.
In addition, we offer a number of courses for the construction industry and for other industries. We can also offer tailor-made courses on request. See course calendar below. Use the menu in the left column to read about the offers, and scroll down to the COURSE CALENDAR TO BOOK SPECIFIC COURSES.
Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, or if there are courses you are looking for / want!
Will will also be able to offer rental of training facilities for in-company training / exercises (in that case, get in touch).
Price include lunch (warm) and GWO course certificate / administration fee.
(PS! There is no VAT on courses in Norway as there is in many other countries):
We are also working on facilitating GWO Basic Technical Training, GWO Slinger Signaller / Rigger Signaller and GWO Lift User Training, and will offer this as soon as practically possible.
A discount is given for hotel accommodation through cooperation with Grand Hotell Egersund.
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Service Technician on top of Turbine Egersund Wind Farm
Service Technician climbing inside wind turbine
Rescue training from 30 m high Training Tower