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Om Energy Innovation AS

Energy Innovation AS ble etablert i 2016 som et privat - offentlig eid selskap med Rogaland fylkeskommune som største eier og med SkyWind og Renewable Skills & Consultnat som deleiere, begge eid av det tyske GEO-konsernet, fra Schleswig-Holstein, i hjertet av vindindustriens opprinnelse. Espeland Energi er et lokalt eid selskap i Egersund som bygger seg opp rundt drift- og vedilkeholdstjenester innen vindkraft. I første omgang onshore, men sikter seg også inn mot det kommende norske markedet for havvind.

Eierstruktur EI


Rogaland County Council

The administration of Rogaland County is located in Stavanger, Norway's oil capital and fourth largest city. Rogaland County Council is responsible for county policies within the following fields: 
secondary education, cultural affairs, communications, dental care, economic development and regional planning, including the development of the road system.

Rogaland County Council develops and promotes the region through local and international partnerships. The County Council is responsible for regional planning and coordination and has environmental responsibilities. The County Council promotes the cultural life of the region. This includes grants to sports, museums, festivals, theatres, orchestras, filmmaking and protection of the cultural heritage.

Espeland Energi AS

Espeland Energi AS - is a local based Norwegian company building competence and services for O&M for the onshore wind business in Scandinavia, and for the upcoming Norwegian marked for Offshore wind.

Just started they have already signed O&M contracts with Siemens Gamesa and other providers. Through the cooperation with Energy Innovation, the Lithuanian company Gridinta and the Latvian company Novikontas, and other conpanies, together they will provide all type of services the wind business on- and offshore.

RSConsultant GmbH

RSConsultant  - former BZEE Academy, have been delivering training and certification for the wind industry since 2000 . As a pioneer in wind energy training, the BZEE association founded the BZEE Academy GmbH (BZEE) in 2000. Its aim was to fill the qualification gaps within the wind energy sector. Thus, the BZEE industry initiative was launched. Through the BZEE network, BZEE offers a range of skills-focussed training programmes worldwide.

The BZEE network is active at 29 locations worldwide where they offer wind energy-specific qualifications. So far, they have trained over 3,200 highly qualified wind energy plant service technicians, more than 1,000 skilled workers from the companies took part in BZEE height safety and rescue training, which is continuously brought in line with the latest requirements. All necessary wind-specific skills are taught comprehensively through practical training and continuous dialogue with BZEE stakeholders.

Skywind GmbH

SkyWind is shaping the future of on- and offshore wind energy with game-changing technologies to drive down the cost of offshore wind power. Reducing Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) is the main driver in developing the SkyWind turbine.

SkyWind develops technology that will produce renewable energy in a safe and low-cost manner.

SkyWind has developed a turbine solution where the owner/operator perspective has been in focus. Experience of developing and operating wind farms in Germany during the last 20 years has been a basis.

A full-scale turbine was erected in 2015, and is basis for further technical and commercial development.