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As the name says, Energy Innovation is also focusing on innovation and R&D. We are helping companies in the process of development, networking and dialogue with, and applications to supporting agencies in the green tech and renewable sector. Together with R&D institutions, we want to facilitate Egersund Energy Hub not only as a training centre for renewables but also as an innovation centre, offering both competence and facilities for development and testing. We also have a cooperation with the incubator agency Validé Dalane. Please make contact if you have questions or requests towards a potential cooperation.


SkyWind Two-bladed turbine

Based on experience in operating 250 different turbines within the company group of GEO, SkyWind has developed a turbine with a different perspective than the traditional wind turbines. A consequent focus of the development was to achieve the low cost of energy. The total lifespan emphasizing of installation, operation and maintenance have been taken into account.

SkyWind Gmbh has erected a full-scale turbine in Husum, Germany, which is working according to expectations within an intensive test period. The company are working together with Energy Innovation with the aim of establishing a PILOT project both for a further developed onshore turbine, as well as a twin tower offshore turbine in Norway. 

Details about the erected turbine in Husum.
 3.4 MW Rated Power * 107 m 2-Bladed Rotor * 135 m Hub Height * 6-17 rpm Rotor speed * 2-Stage Planetary Gearbox * Integrated 3.3 kV Squirrel Cage Induction Generator


Waste to Energy Gasifier

Energy Innovation is hired to run a development project supported by Innovation Norway for the Rogaland based company Wenergy AS. We aim to produce a 'Waste to Energy' mobile and scaleable Gasifier system, producing H2-gas and electricity from a different kind of organic waste, with small amounts of emissions.

The mobile gasifier system will fit into a container solution, ideally to transport to a site where the combination of getting rid of waste and the access of heat / H2-gas and/or electricity is needed.