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Energy Innovation AS  is a centre for training, certification, education, buisness development, innovation and R&D in the field of onshore and offshore wind power and green tech. Our focus is on renewable energy and environmental technology. We are located at Langholmen in Egersund, on the South West Coast of Norway. Just one hour south of Stavanger (SVG) international Airport, Sola.

Energy Innovation AS offers training according to the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) standards for the wind industry, and Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) for rescue services, industry, construction, and heavy equipment. From May 2021 we also provide GWO Blade repaire training, and during autumn / winter 2021 we will provide GWO Basic Technical Trainng.

From August 2021 Dalane Vocational College will move in with us with the only school based Wind Techncian education in Norway. In a strong Private Public collaboration, we will further develop both public and private education and training for the renewable sector, both with national and international participants. All our trainings will be possible to conduct also for english speaking participants.

We also offer workshops for maintenance services for the onshore (and offshore) wind industry in the new building complex at Egersund Energy Hub, where also many companies within the on- and offshore wind sector already have moved in togehter with us, and more to come.

Energy Innovation AS also offers assistance in business development and innovation in energy and environmental technology, and is a partner with Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult Centre. We cooperate closely with NORCE (Norwegian Research Institute AS) and other Norwegian and foreign research institutes and Universities.  We also collaborate closely with Validé buisness incubator, both in Stavanger and locally through Validé Dalane. And Energy Innovation is represented in the Steering Commitee and are part of the administration of Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, where Managing Director Frank Emil Moen is working 50 - 60 % as Communication Manager for the cluster.
GWO-Courses (also conducted in English):

GWO full basic and refresh onshore
GWO full basic and refresh offshore
GWO Working at Heights
GWO First Aid 
GWO Fire Awareness 
GWO Manual Handling
GWO Advanced Rescue
GWO Sea Survival 
GWO Enhanced First Aid
GWO Blade repair
Boat Transfer Training 
GWO Basic Technical Training (autumn / winter 2021)
GWO Slinger (autumn / winter 2021)
BZEE Long Term Wind Technician Education (in development)
Fall protection / Fall rescue
Hot Works / Fire Proetction
First Aid courses on demand
Drone courses (both for private and professionals - under developement)
Energy Innovation at Egersund Energy Hub

Contact us:

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Frank Emil Moen
Managing Director Energy Innovation - Communication Manager Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster
Mobile: +47 91591714
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Magnus Østebrød
Technical Manager & Course Instructor
Mobile: +47 46886577
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Kjetil Bentsen
Project Manager - Course Manager - Course Instructor
Mobile: +47 99020930
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Jonas P. Hovland
Course Instructor & HMS Advisor - Managing Director Subdco
Mobile: +47 930 00 830
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Ann Marion Sleveland
Mobile: +47 406 13 138‬
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Tial Kio Thang Mang Lian
Project Advisor
Mobile: +47 92078923
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Odin Moen
Project Manager / Course instructor Espeland Energi
Mobile: +47 90291452
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Viktor Szamosvari
Blade instructor Espeland Energi
Mobile: +4796739800
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Egersund Energy Hub Langholmen

Our goal is to build the world's most extensive wind energy qualification centre in a new, structurally contiguous complex in the Port of Egersund, in the heart of the Rogaland region. The brand new Egersund Energy Hub at Langholmen in Egersund have several different companies collocated together with Energy Innovation, developing strong synergies between different players in the energy, engineering and industrial sector, and in training, certification, education and R&D. The constructions of the centre was finished autumn 2020. The training started in preliminary buildings in autumn 2018, but are now conducted in the brand new building complex.

Training programs

We provide certification for the GWO (Global Wind Organisation), but also plan to provide more extensive technical courses through a cooperation with partners providing up to 80 different training modules altogether. For GWO HSE we provide all safety training modules, both basics and refreshers, as a one-stop shop: 1) First Aid,  2) Manual handling, 3) Fire Awareness, 4) Working at Heights 5) Sea Survival 6) Advanced Rescue and 7) Enhanced First Aid. Together with us in the centre - the vocational education of Energy Operators for wind and hydropower - the only one in Norway, at Dalane Technical College will be located from August 2021.

THE TRAINING CENTRE at Egersund Energy Hub

Building Norways first fully complete training center for wind energy


Indoor facilities

Climbing wall with 10-15 different ladder systems for rescue.
High rescue platform. Helicopter winch training.
Rotor blade and hub rescue simulator. Evacuation procedures.
Labs for mechanics, hydraulics and electronics.
Classroom and meeting rooms, office facilities 

Outdoor facilities

30-metre training tower.
Various boat landing systems on different simulators.
Extensive advance fire fighting training range.
Real Helicopter winch training.

Training programmes

All GWO HSE modules.
A large number of other technical modules
A number of cources for industry and building and construction 
Development and testing of manufacturer - specific safety concepts. 
From Egersund Wind Farm

Location: Egersund, Norway

Given the training requirements arising from the development of several large onshore wind farms in the region, Egersund’s central and thus excellent location in South-West Norway, as well as the lack of suitable training infrastructure in Norway, the training centre started operation in 2018. In June 2020 the Norwegian Government opened two areas for offshore wind - with Egersund placed strategic in the middle, with possible installed capacity of 4,5 GW.

We are training according to GWO (Global Wind Organisation). Further - the training centre will train several different courses - not only towards the wind industry but also towards industry, building & constructions and others.

Our vision