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Energy Hub

located at Langholmen, Egersund, South-West Norway

A centre for renewable energy and green tech

The Egersund Energy Hub at Langholmen Egersund is based on a collocation of several companies and organisation working with renewable energy, green tech and others. It is a centre for development, O&M, training and education for renewable energy, both onshore and offshore. We seek to stimulate innovation through collaboration, development and interaction between business, R&D, education and government. 

Egersund Energy Hub is developed together with the landowners Seabrokers and Bertelsen & Garpestad, and Energy Innovation AS in Egersund, together with several others. The companies in the hub are aiming to develop an integrated wind energy qualification centre, which will enable the expansion of previous qualification successes as part of a comprehensive national and international qualification strategy.

The centre also provides a wide range of training and courses for other industries and building & constructions.

Further - Energy Innovation AS are together with businesses and R&D institutions both in Norway and abroad conduction innovation, R&D and EU projects in the renewable and green tech sector. 

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Drawing showing the finished constructions at Langholmen
Overview Energy Innovation - Caera

Location: Egersund - why

There is a considerable development of onshore wind farms in South-West Norway, but also in Mid-Norway and other parts of Norway. The Port of Egersund is at the doorstep to the North Sea, already with a considerable amount of wind farms. The parliament in Norway decided recently that there will be opened for a national home marked for development of offshore wind. This, together with the expanding growth of the international offshore wind marked in the North Sea the coming ten-twenty years, will demand a huge amount of workers who will need training.