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A centre for education, training, R&D and operation & maintenance for renewable energy

About Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation AS is owned by Caera, a nationwide supplier of professionals in electrical and mechanical engineering for the onshore and offshore industries. Caera sees great opportunities for business development of operation and maintenance services within on- and offshore wind, and will build on the solid foundation established through Energy Innovation.

Most offshore wind projects in Northern Europe will be based on bottom-fixed technology over the next 10-15 years, but floating offshore wind will also be important. By 2050, investments of 1,200 billion euros in offshore wind developments in Europe are estimated, and operation and maintenance to a value of approx. 300 billion euros. The EU's plan is for offshore wind to be their most important energy source by 2040.
There will be a great need for electrical and mechanical competence within the renewable energy development both on land and at sea. Electricians and automatics can be trained and retrained to become wind technicians through the education center which is already established in Egersund. Egersund Energy Hub and the collocation with the only wind technician education in Norway through Dalane Vocational College, provide a fantastic springboard for value creation for the export industry in Norway.
Caera was started in 2014 and is a leading competence supplier within electrical and mechanical subjects to the industry. The company currently has over 260 employees. The ambition is to use our experience from the oil and gas industry to create the jobs for the future on land and at sea for renewable energy and other sustainable industrial development.
Energy Innovation was established in 2016 as a privately-publicly owned company. In May 2021, Rogaland County Council sold out, and the other co-owners; SkyWind GmbH, Renewable Skills and Consultant GmbH and Espeland Gruppen, are now shareholders in Caera AS together with the investment company Artemes Invest and the management of Caera / Energy Innovation.

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